Choice Clothing Stores

Choice clothing stores came in to existence in 1997 and they offer quality men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing in their forty-six stores across the country. Their motto is “Every day’s a sale day” and this shows their commitment to offering low prices to their customers. This chain of stores understand that having the latest fashion is important but that many people are seriously strapped for cash. Therefore they provide their customers with fashion forward clothing at prices that everyone can enjoy. What is more is that this quality clothing supplier realises that everyone loves a sale or promotion and therefore they have sales and promotions often to further help their customers pockets.

Choice clothing stores also realise that they need to treat their staff like kings and queens in order to provide their customers with the best service. As a result, they hold an annual Spring Queen competition where staff members from both Good Hope Sales – Choice clothing’s mother company – and Choice Clothing stores can enter and stand the chance of being crowned Queen. This is an interesting way of getting their staff to be loyal but who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess. In addition to ensuring that their staff are happy, Choice Clothing additionally provide for their communities too. They do so through their charitable work Hurdy Gurdy House – A home for adults with Autism. Unfortunately their website does not provide detailed information about what kind of support they provide to this worthy cause.

This clothing store is targeted mainly at the lower income families and is predominantly based in the Western Cape. However, there are stores across South Africa which provide these lower income communities with the ability to take advantage of the great prices available on the clothing. In addition to their forty-six stores in South Africa, Choice has branched out in to South Africa’s neighbouring country Namibia and has had great success in this country. There are now fifteen Choice stores in Namibia. In both countries, their trading sites include regional shopping centres as well as smaller malls in rural areas. This means that you will be able to find a choice store no matter where you go.

What is more is that this privately owned cash based organisation has dreams of becoming South Africa’s largest fashion discount retailer and they are well on their way to this as their recipe of quality products combined with great prices means that they are becoming more and more popular. What is more is that their promotions are also helping them on their quest with their latest promotion pertaining to their Parow store. This store has recently been renovated and therefore as a grand re-opening special, they are offering their customers who spend over R150 the opportunity to stand the chance to win a flat screen television.

This company seems to have the right balance of quality and affordability as well as a thorough understanding of their customers. For example they could have offered their customers further discounted prices in their Parow store for their re-opening, but they understand that their consumers may not necessarily have the means to afford a television and therefore they provide them with the chance to do so. This kind of thinking will instil customer loyalty and will help grow this fashion brand from strength to strength. So if you are looking for your nearest store, then you can take a look at their website and get all the information that you need. Unfortunately you cannot view any of their products online but that does not matter as there is a franchise near you for you to shop at.