Discounted Factory Outlets and Stores in SA

Discounted factory outlets and stores in SA provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of great deals on a variety of goods. A factory outlet sells goods and discounted prices and there are a number of such outlets around the country for you to enjoy.


Why are things cheaper at discount factory outlets?

Many people are under the impression that cheap means low quality; but factory shop goods are actually of the same or similar quality to goods sold in regular stores. Factory shops often just cut out the middle man, as good are sold directly from the factory. This means lower prices for the customer as there is less mark up on the product.

Other discount outlets may buy goods in massive bulk, allowing them to save money and to transfer these savings on to you. Warehouse stores often occupy huge spaces that allow for massive storage capacity for them to stock up on items in bulk. Customers are often able to buy in bulk themselves at these stores.

Some discount outlets sell what are known as “factory rejects”. The term may sound off-putting, but factory rejects only have minor imperfections that mean they cannot be sold in regular shops. For the most part, these imperfections are unnoticeable (except on the price tag!)

Another way to get ahead in the bargain hunt is to buy a copy of Pam Black’s popular book The A-Z of Factory Shops in the Western Cape. This best-seller gives you all the hints and tips you need to make for a great factory shopping experience. If you don’t want to buy the book, you can find a condensed version of the information on the book’s website. Here you can select you area, and factory shops within that vicinity will be listed for your convenience,


Some factory shops in South Africa

This list is by no means exclusive, but more an example of some of the factory shop variety and scope that South Africa has to offer.

  • At the Colibri Towels Head Office you can find discounted towels made under the high quality Colibri brand. At the head office in strand you can find the factory shop to pick up some great deals on towels of all colours and sizes.
  • The Innoxa Factory Shop in Pietermaritzburg sells Innoxa branded (and other) toiletries at a fraction of the price. Innoxa products are not tested on animals.
  • Also in Kwa Zulu Natal is the Linen Factory Shop, selling bed and other fabrics and linens to Bed and Breakfasts, caterers and the general public.
  • The Bed Shop in Gauteng, located in the CBD, sells beds and other furniture at discounted prices.

These are just a few examples of the many factory shops around South Africa.


Access Park

Access Park is a whole shopping centre comprised of discount and factory shops, allowing you to so all your bargain hunting on one spot. There are two Access Park locations in Cape Town, one in Bellville and the other in Kenilworth.

At both centres you will find a dazzling range of name brands, luggage, sports equipment, food, clothes, baby accessories, toys, shoes, and almost anything you would find at regular shopping centre; the only difference being the dramatically lower price tag! In fact, many of the items sold at Access Park are up to 50% less than what would be charged in regular stores. If you are in the Cape Town area, this is your one-stop shopping for discount and factory shop browsing and buying.