Nike Factory Shop

Have you ever had he chance to visit a Nike factory shop? If not, you are missing out, big time! At these stores you will find some of the best clothing and footwear that sells for hundreds, sometimes thousands of Rands in the stores. Nike makes running shoes, normal sneakers, tshirts, soccer boots, hooded tops, shorts and much more. Nike is a big brand name and the quality of their items is excellent, which is why they are able to sell their products at such high prices. People are willing to pay the price they ask because their products are so good.

They have a wide range of products to sell at the Nike factory shops, but their biggest sellers are their running shoes, sneakers and soccer boots. Nike clothing also sells well, especially the hooded tops, tracksuits, tshirts and shorts. The factory shop can sell the products for a cheaper price than they go for in stores because they cut out the middle man when they sell directly from the factory. What happens when you buy Nike products from another store is; they buy it from the factory at cost price, then the store still has to put their profit on the price and this is why it is expensive in some cases.

You won’t get original Nike products at dirt cheap prices, but a little cheaper than the original price is still a saving that you should appreciate. Always try and get to the factory shop if you wish to buy their products; not only will they be cheaper but they are also likely to have a wider range of items for you to choose from. You get a lot more value for your money if you shop at a Nike factory shop rather than a sports shop that sells the branded products you are interested in purchasing.