Woolworths Factory Shops

If you love Woolworths goods, but aren’t the biggest fan of their prices, look out for Woolworths factory shops that don’t compromise on quality, but do leave your bank balance looking a little perkier. Woolworths South Africa has a reputation for producing ethical products that are of high quality, living up to their slogan “the Woolworths difference”. These products, however, can come at a higher price tag than a similar product at other retailers, but the budget-savvy will be happy to know that there are a number of suppliers who can supply Woolworths goods at factory prices.

They say that to cut back on costs you should cut out the middle man and in this case, Woolworths, consider yourself snipped. Rather than buying your favourite Woolies treats instore, you can go straight to one of their suppliers. At Woolworths manufacturers Nibbly Bits in Paarl you can indulge your sweet tooth in Woolies rusks, biscuits, cookies and other goodies to leave both your waistline and your pocket bulging. This factory shop began making handmade rusks in 1996 in Wellington, and since then to company has grown to employ over 500 people. At the Nibbly Bits Factory Shop in Paarl you can save 50% off the retail price of these tasty treats. The best part is that you know you are getting to exact same product that will be packaged and sold in Woolworths stores around the country.

A similar store can be found in Kommetjie, where the Compass Bakery have a factory shop selling some of the baked goods they supply to Woolworths at far more friendly prices. Today, this bakery is one of the largest in the Western Cape, grown from humble beginnings as the Kommetjie Continental Bakery in 1976. A professional baker, Bo Horton, saw the bakery’s potential and found financial backers and partners to rename the Continental Bakery and found the Compass Bakery. Horton was the first bakery technologist hired by Woolworths, leading to his good gracing the shelves of Woolworths stores. Compass Bakery is most famous for its biscuits and other baked goods. The bakery recently produced a new product for Woolworths, the popular  Marshmallow Brownies. This treat involves a chocolate-covered brownie base with a fluff of marshmallow on top that also tastes great after a quick blitz in the microwave to make it melty. To sink your teeth into this treat and other delicious morsels, you can visit Compass Bakery in Kommetjie on the Cape Peninsula.

If you’re looking for something more saucy than sweet, you can visit the Desirable Lingerie Factory Shop in Epping, Cape Town. Along with brands such as Playtex and Triumph, the shop also sells Woolworths-branded underwear under the usual price in the Woolworths store. The lingerie is the same quality as underwear from the Woolworths store, as the naughty or nice pieces are not factory rejects; rather, the Desirable Lingerie Factory Shop gets their goods through over-runs or special imports, which come with a price tag around 50% less than at the normal Woolworths store.

With cheaper lingerie pieces your advances are unlikely to be rejected, but if you don’t mind the odd reject or two, then the Piccadilly Fashion Outlet in Fordsburg is for you. At this factory shop you can find Woolworths-branded clothes that are over-runs or factory rejects. Usually these minor imperfections are barely noticeable, although the price difference certainly is! The Piccadilly Fashion Outlet can be found opposite Johannesburg’s Oriental Plaza, stocking Woolworths-branded clothes for women, men and kids. Just be prepared to so some sorting and sifting to get to the goodies.

Woolworths Factory Shops come in the form of food suppliers and clothing factory shops as the company does not have its own branded factory store. Take a chance on any factory shops you see advertised; and who knows, you could find goods at non-Woolworths prices and no one else would be the wiser?