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Woolworths Factory Shops

If you love Woolworths products but aren’t the biggest fan of the prices, look out for Woolworths factory shops that don’t compromise on quality. But do leave your bank balance looking a bit more healthy. Woolworths South Africa has a reputation for producing ethical products that are … [Read More...]

Cape Union Mart Factory Shops

Cape Union Mart factory shops are a good place to look for specials on outdoor gear. The original store was established in 1993 in Cape Town and originated as an Army and Navy Store. It then became famous for its “everything from an anchor to toothpick” product range. Realizing that they … [Read More...]

Reject Clothes Suppliers in South Africa

Reject clothes suppliers in South Africa offer you the opportunity to shop for lower price clothing. Fashion goods labeled as rejects often have hardly anything wrong with them. For example a pocket missing, slightly skew hem or the wrong buttons sewn on. This sort of clothing is often … [Read More...]

Reject Tiles For Sale at South Africa Shops

You can buy reject tiles for sale at shops in South Africa in a range of different types and styles. This offers you the chance to shop for lower price tiles than in the usual stores. So will help you save money on any home renovations and building projects that you need materials … [Read More...]

Cheap Baby Clothes for Newborns and Toddlers

Where can you get cheap baby clothes in South Africa for both newborn babies and toddlers? And should I buy clothing for my child at physical shops or online stores? Whether you are looking for winter or summer wear with a little time you can pick up some low cost clothes for your … [Read More...]

Coricraft Factory Shop

The Coricraft factory shop is perfect if you are shopping for furniture at wholesale prices. From items such as couches and beds you can shop for specials to save yourself some cash. If you have not yet heard about Coricraft then you should spare some time to visit to see the products … [Read More...]